Tree Menu v1.4 Mack Pexton July 13, 2006


File Listing

This is a PHP program demonstrating the use of TreeMenu to produce a list of files and folders. The directory listed by the program is hardwired to be the folder where the program is located, but that could easily be changed.

In this example, instead of letting the Javascript add the file and folder icons like normal, they are added on the server side so that the icons for different file types could be easily determined. Adding the icons on the server side requires an extra support function for the TreeMenu.show_all() and TreeMenu.hide_all() functions in order to properly change the state of the added icons. It also requires a custom function to set the initial state of the symbols when ever the page is rendered. This page contains examples of both functions.


A zip file of this document and the the TreeMenu JavaScript source code can be downloaded here: